Lincoln Center NYC welcomes Brad Mehldau

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Wednesday July 24, 2013

From Classicalite

Lincoln Center NYC welcomes Brad Mehldau
By:O’Jay Burgess

Jazz enthusiast can look for pianist Brad Mehldau performances Oct. 5 and Oct. 6 at the Lincoln Center in the Allen Room starting at 7:30 p.m

“I really like Mehldau. A lot of people do. There is something mysterious when he plays. He’s one of the few musicians that the music is not in the notes that he plays-the music is under the notes. It’s like there’s a world behind the note, and you’re attracted into this world,” Enrico Pieranunzi in 2008.

Founder of the Brad Mehladu Trio, the artist is associated with numerous acts since the beginning of his career in 1993, from likes of Pat Metheny to Eli Degibri. This time however the musician will be performing as a solo artist at the jazz festival in New York.
“I enjoy the opputunity in solo playing to be completely harmonically ‘unmoored,’ to have no one defining the root of the harmony for me. The fun is to be able to improvise free of a fixed chordal structure, yet still be inspired by the given song that I’m playing,” said Mehldau.

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