McCoy Tyner's The Real McCoy Reviewed

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Thursday July 11, 2013

From Blue Note Records

The Real McCoy

When someone uses the word ‘idyllic’ to describe a scene, we think of Monet’s Water Lillies or another classic of impressionism ‘” a work in summery shades that pretty much demands a daydream. But there are different kinds of idylls ‘” as ‘Search For Peace,’ one of five McCoy Tyner originals here, suggests. The tempo is slow, stately, deliberate. The harmony, outlined first by piano trills and broken chords, has purpose behind it: The title implies an ongoing and perhaps unattainable quest, not some easily abandoned momentary pursuit. The theme, when it arrives, enhances this sense ‘” it’s at once solemn like a hymn, and contemplative, and also floatingly free. It puts forth an idealistic vision of what ‘peace’ might feel like, and in the same breath holds the full awareness of possible (likely) futility. Crucially, it’s not the jingoistic sloganeering of a peace rally; it’s a meditation on the potentiality of peace, and what it means to pursue it.

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