Idan Raichel Project changes it up

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Saturday June 15, 2013

The Jerusalem Post

Raichel and his unrealistically talented singers prove once again why they are one of the most popular acts around in Israel today.
By: Yoni Cohen

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to visit a very special place. It was a place where, for three or so hours, everything seemed right in the world.

Good vibes, equality, cultural diversity and most importantly, world-class music were just some of the things that I experienced. I wasn’t in some faraway land, but at an Idan Raichel Project concert at the infamous Ceaserea Amphitheater. The concert was one of four sold-out performances taking place this week.

Raichel and his almost unrealistically talented singers and musicians proved once again why they are one of the most popular and professional acts around in Israel today.

The members of the nine-piece orchestra were the first to take the stage, then the singers and finally Raichel himself. Raichel, sporting a newly-shaved head, without his trademark dreadlocks, took his place behind an inconspicuous piano located at the very side of the stage while his three main singers took center stage.
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