Esperanza Spalding Brings "Afrofluent Funk" to Morristown

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Thursday April 11, 2013

From The Montclarion

Afrofluent Funk
By: Theadora Lecour

Four-time Grammy award winner Esperanza Spalding has blazed a trail for young, smart musicians in today’s day and age. The 28-year-old jazz super star has certainly found her bearings as an acclaimed bassist, vocalist and composer. With her third and latest album, Radio Music Society, sweeping up another two Grammys, Spalding has implied no less than a bright and long career.

Spalding, from Portland, Ore., infuses her rich cultural background into her music with lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Honoring her jazz forefathers, she was the first musician of her genre to win ‘Best New Artist’ in 2011, defeating Justin Bieber and inspiring much hatred from his cult-following of ‘Beliebers,’ This may or may not be another reason to like her.

Causing quite the stir during her mainstream debut, Spalding is doing exactly what she intended to do with her music’“infiltrating the vanilla and typical pop and hip-hop scene that many have found wearisome. In fact, on the first track of her latest album, Spalding states: ‘Right now you need it / driving yourself through the hard times / traffic won’t speed up / so you turn the radio on / But it’s just the same on songs that makes you yawn.’

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