The Bad Plus Finds Strength in Give & Take

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Thursday January 31, 2013

From The Pittsburgh Tribune

The Bad Plus finds its strength in give and take
By: Bob Karlovits

Drummer David King says he is breathing a little easier now that The Bad Plus has passed through the days when it ‘took all the heat’ for is forward-looking programming.

A little over a decade ago, the group was making itself known recording and performing songs by Nirvana, Queen, Rush and Blondie. King says that kind of lineup made some people look at it as some sort of ‘prog-jazz’ band and little more.

But the reality is, he says, The Bad Plus is just a jazz trio looking for material with which it is comfortable. More importantly, it is a ‘leaderless’ band that grows from each other’s ideas.

The band will present its ideas Saturday when it performs at the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild on the North Side.

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