The Bad Plus' Made Possible - Out Today!

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Tuesday September 25, 2012

From The New York Times

New Albums From Bad Plus and the Dave King Trio
By: Nate Chinen

After more than a decade of steady touring and recording, the Bad Plus truly knows itself. That may seem obvious, given that its personnel ‘” the bassist Reid Anderson, the pianist Ethan Iverson and the drummer David King ‘” had an arresting, unmistakable sound almost from the start, wily and pugnacious and emotionally direct. But a deeper sense of security announces itself on ‘Made Possible,’ the band’s eighth studio album, partly through some willful departures from the norm.

The most obvious of these is an array of synthetic textures produced electronically by Mr. Anderson and Mr. King. For a band that has held so strictly to acoustic means, even when hugeness was its desired effect, this amounts to a radical act.

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