Five minutes with Tineke Postma

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Thursday April 12, 2012


Five minutes with Tineke Postma

Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma will be in London next week, playing Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 April. Tineke spared us five minutes to answer a few questions via email.

Can you tell us a bit about how you got to where you are today?
“I started playing alto on age 11 and loved to creative flow of improvisation and the jazz sound. It was at a pretty early stage clear that I loved music and that I wanted to learn how to make music. I started listening to Miles and Cannonball at a young age. My parents love music as well but don’t play an instrument. I studied in the Netherlands and NYC with prominent musicians and developed myself though the years by playing a lot with Terri Lyne Carrington’s group, playing with my Dutch quartet and staying in NY regularly. Started to write music at my masters degree.”

What’s the thinking behind your latest album?
“It’s the personal and musical development expressed through playing with more freedom, less conceptuality. Opening up musically, stylistically and expressing the great inspiring atmosphere that I feel playing with my quartet. Trying to play more with an idea to express my personal experiences. I tried to write music that functions as a framework for our collective improvisation. Didn’t want it to be a “saxophonist” record but a group record.”

What do you like about playing in London?
“Beautiful, inspiring city. It vibrates and has a great international melting pot energy that I like. I like the elegance and the pretty architecture”

Is there anything that you’re particularly looking forward to about this visit?
“Playing at the Pizza Express and reconnecting with the London audience!”

If you could pick one British figure who’s influenced you, who do you think it would be?
“John McLaughlin and Dave Holland are great, I’ve listened a lot to their music, both for their playing, musical ideas and compositions!”

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