Playing For Change: Changing the world through music

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Sunday April 08, 2012

from Baltic Review

Playing For Change: Changing the world through music
By: Bibbi Abruzzini

Since prehistory there is something that the human race shares. This thing is music. A couple of earphones and a mobile recording studio seemed enough, and the project ‘Playing for Change’ kicked off gathering musicians from all around the globe to launch a message: be as one through music.

It was the music producer Mark Johnson who was walking down the streets of Santa Monica, California, and heard the voice of street performer Roger Ridley, a voice that changed his life. Since 2004, Johnson has travelled the world, with a mobile recording studio and cameras ‘putting on tape’ legendary performers and street musicians alike. The first internationally acclaimed and award-winning documentary has been followed by a second DVD; all songs live carrying the history of music and men.

‘Playing for a Change’ bravely revisited those evergreen –yet sacrosanct – tunes. Get high on the tracks–volume up – and enjoy the sensation. Do not worry if you happen to thrill while listening to a revived version of the immortal ‘Stand By Me’, or of Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’; you are not alone. From street corners to international stages this agglomeration of artists enchants. Artists are filmed in their natural environment and home countries, a combination of voices, nationalities, and instruments that intrigue established artists such as Rita Marley, Bono of the U2, Manu Chao and many others.

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