INTERVIEW: Idan Raichel

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Monday March 19, 2012

from The Jewdo

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Idan Raichel
By Yehezkel Lipinsky

We are thrilled to bring you an interview with Iraeli music superstar, Idan Raichel of the world renowned, Idan Raichel Proejct. Idan is not only a good musician but a man with an incredible soul. Editor-in-Chief, Yehezkel Lipinsky called him in Israel and interview him. Take a look below. Tell us what you think.

Yehezkel: Most musicians find a genre and settle with it, how have you kept such an open mind that allows you to create such incredibly diverse music?

Idan: For us in Israel it is a pretty easy thing to do. In Israel, there are no‘¦ the city is like, everyone lives as one, not like separate sections like Chinatown or Little Italy, it is all about immigrants who came from all over immigrate here to Israel for the past 60 or something years and every 10 or 15 years there is new immigration that changes the face of Israeli society so it’s basically all the immigrants came here brought their own influences, musical influences, cultural, kitchen, everything. So for us to record the Idan Raichel Project with all the influences of the world music, so called was a very easy thing to do.

Yehezkel: Wow. That’s amazing and its amazing that you can just pick up on it and make such a diverse sound. Because your music is so diverse, is there something distinct that runs through all your music?

Idan: I would say that unifies it, that all the members of the Project of that last three, four Projects which are over 85 musicians and singers which participate in the Project, they all have strong roots and are very connected to their own roots so whether you immigrate from the hard core villages of Ethiopia or people immigrate from Moscow, they are still appreciate, connected to their own roots and keep their own heritage and they just bring it to Israel or all over the world and bring to the world themselves and yet being very proud of who they are and where they came from.

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