British Acclaim for Ode

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Thursday March 15, 2012

‘Ode shows Mehldau’s inventive powers are as fresh as ever. His talent for revealing the grandeur latent in modest ideas has never seemed so persuasive, and the interplay with Ballard and Grenadier is masterly.’
Daily Telegraph

‘A ceaseless stream of fresh ideas runs throughout this electrically
energised session.’ BBC Music

‘Fluent, subtle and benchmark piano-trio jazz.’
Financial Times

‘Ode confirms their status as the world leaders of swinging small-group jazz.’
Independent On Sunday

‘Some fine Mehldau tunes in the happy-sad, ruminative style the pianist has made his own. ‘Dream Sketch’ has a lean, bluesy groove that highlights the group mind of his world-class trio.’
The Times

‘Mehldau has a discography that defies belief, and the doom-mongers who believe the recording industry (especially in the jazz field) is on its knees. The catalogue is astonishing. [Ode is] a highly accomplished set of compositions, which might also be a surprise to those who associate Mehldau chiefly with the covers of songs by Radiohead, Nirvana, Paul Simon and Lennon and McCartney that form quite a small part of this repertoire.’ Herald

‘Mehldau’s characteristic singing melodies, intriguing harmonies and supple rhythmic grooves are all firmly in place, and draw out a high level of creative interaction and response in the three musicians.’

‘Ode is an often scintillating and always joyful listen from beginning to end. While the theme of the album may be dedications to others, what Mehldau has ultimately crafted is an ode to the confidence, style and precision of his own trio’s playing, displaying all the panache and charm of old companions
reuniting once more.’