Dianne Reeves - Christmas Time is Here - Out Today

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Tuesday October 05, 2004

Vocalist Dianne Reeves releases her first-ever holiday CD, Christmas Time Is Here. This 11-song collection features Reeves longtime trio of pianist Peter Martin, bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Greg Hutchinson. Special guests include guitarist Romero Lubambo, saxophonist Steve Wilson, vibraphonist Joe Locke and the Sirius String Quartet.

With Christmas Time Is Here, Reeves has made her most accessible record in years, a recording so musical and so completely pleasurable that it falls into that rare category of Christmas records simply, a great record.

bI love Christmas,says Reeves, I love being with my family during the holiday season, and yet I’m all too often performing out-of-town during that time of year. Last year Christmas was spent on a stage in Tokyo. This year, I decided I wanted to be in others hearts and homes, and at the same time stay at home!�