'Within My Walls' released today on Cumbancha

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Tuesday February 24, 2009

With his second international release Within My Walls, the Israeli superstar and his multicultural ensemble return for a tour of major US concert halls. Within My Walls was recorded while Idan was on tour throughout the world, during recording sessions in hotel rooms, backstage dressing areas, private homes and other impromptu settings. Along the road, he collaborated and recorded with Colombian singer Marta G mez, Cape Verdean luminary Mayra Andrade and the silken-voiced Somi of Rwandan and Ugandan heritage. His poetic lyrics reflect these travels and contemplations; sung in Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole and Swahili, the songs address the struggle for personal fulfillment and the true meaning of love in a conflicted and complex world.

The result is a deeply moving collection of songs, overflowing with rich melodies, engaging poetry, stunning vocal performances and intricate arrangements.

“To say that everything that has happened in the past six years was the fulfillment of a dream would imply that I even dreamed that any of this could happen,” notes the humble Raichel, whose rise to fame was as much a shock to him as it was the skeptical Israeli music industry executives who said his multilingual, cross-cultural fusions would never find mainstream acceptance. Now, with a string of radio hits and concerts at the Sydney Opera House, the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, New York’s Central Park SummerStage, not to mention concerts in India, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Moscow, Singapore, and more under his belt, Raichel admits that the reality has exceeded even his wildest dreams.