INTERVIEW: Dianne Reeves: The Storyteller

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Saturday October 22, 2011


Dianne Reeves: The Storyteller
Interview with the noted singer at the 2011 Clearwater Jazz Holiday

By:Gigi Brooks

The 2011 Clearwater Jazz Holiday located in Clearwater, Florida was four days of sheer musical talent. Its headliners, Christian McBride & Inside Straight along with Dianne Reeves, brought people from all over the country to watch in awe these great performances.

As usual Christian McBride held listeners captive while he tore into his bass with an approach and a fingering precision that makes him the world renowned innovative, Grammy Award-winning bassist that he is. There is no bassist quite like Christian Mc Bride in jazz today. His straight ahead quintet, Inside Straight, featuring alto/soprano saxophonist Steve Wilson, vibraphonist, Warren Wolf, jazz pianist, Peter Martin and drummer, Carl Allen performed tunes from their latest release The Good Feeling and tunes from the previous CD Kind of Brown, which takes one down the road of pure yet good ole’ down-home jazz.

One thing I know for sure is that the performance of a true legendary Jazz Diva, (I mean Diva in the sense of presence, style and elegance) cannot be put into words when you are sitting smack center in front of the stage listening to indescribable vocal talent that saturates your soul with pure joy.

I sat with my mouth wide open the entire time during the performance of Dianne Reeves. As a jazz radio personality and a lifetime collector of jazz music; I can say that I am the proud owner of all of Ms. Reeve’s recordings. However, nothing prepared me for what I heard live and in the flesh on that balmy Sunday evening as I watched her perform for the very first time.

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