Transcription Book for Mehldau's Elegiac Cycle Released

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Tuesday September 27, 2011

A complete transcription of Brad Mehldau’s record, Elegiac Cycle, has been released in France. Philippe AndrĂ© has transcribed the music faithfully, and provided in depth analysis, examining the thematic content and overall structure of the piece, many musical details, and placing the music in a wider context, examining literary influences, for example. Also included in the book is a recent interview with Mehldau about the genesis of the record and where he stands with it now, and his approach to composition and playing. The original “lead sheets” of Mehldau’s are reproduced alongside the transcriptions, in a beautifully designed book from the reputable French publishing house, Outre Mesure, which has for years specialized in quality transcription books from numerous jazz artists.

The text of the book is handsomely presented in both English and French. For now, it is available as an import through a number of French distributors, and can be ordered online, for example at

In the future it will be available for sale directly in the U.S. and other countries as well as select performance dates.