Q&A with Idan Raichel

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Friday July 08, 2011

From San Diego Jewish Journal

Q&A with Idan Raichel
By Alanna Berman

Triple-platinum Israeli recording artist Idan Raichel is known worldwide for his numerous collaborations (he has worked with more than 100 artists to date through ‘The Idan Raichel Project’). On July 13, he’ll highlight his latest, with R&B artist India.Arie at San Diego music venue and restaurant Anthology. The San Diego Jewish Journal sat down with Raichel to talk about his latest work and what San Diegans can expect from this stop on his Open Door tour.

San Diego Jewish Journal: What have you been working on most recently?

Idan Raichel: These days, I’ve been working on a few things: a few albums and releases and also a few concerts ‘” 2011 and 2012 are very interesting spiritually and musically. I’ve been collaborating with India.Arie for the Open Door album, a collaboration [through which] I sent India.Arie many melodies from Israel and a few songs I wrote; in Atlanta, she wrote a few of the songs, and we decided to make an album called Open Door, which is a beautiful artistic collaboration.

SDJJ: And this is the tour you will be bringing to San Diego in July.

IR: Yes, we are just ‘checking’ the songs on stage, since they are not finished yet, but we are taking kind of a brave move there. Also, on July 13 [the same day as the Anthology performance], we are celebrating a release for the fourth album release of the Idan Raichel Project, which includes three CDs [not including the India.Arie collaboration].

SDJJ: That’s exciting! What will that album be like?

IR: The music on the album includes live shows and many recordings we did on the road, whether live concerts or sometimes just a beautiful moment at 2 a.m., just jamming or something and a few new songs. It’s a very interesting album that I have been collecting music and material for for the past two years. It’s very moving for me because I can see it as kind of a notebook that you write every day ‘” my memories of the past two years on the road. It is an interesting year also, because as Israelis, it’s very important for us to collaborate with people from all over.

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