Gilberto Gil in South Africa As Part of a Film on Southern Hemisphere

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Friday May 13, 2011

From Mail & Guardian

Minister of music mixing the sounds of the south
By: Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon

Gilberto Gil, one of Brazil’s best-known musicians, landed on South African tarmac last week. He is part of a film project called Connecting South, a one-month transnational voyage of the southern hemisphere that has taken him across the stark Australian Outback to inner-city Johannesburg and Soweto and on to the Amazon forests.

“The film explores different aspects of the relations between countries of the southern hemisphere,” Gil says. “The idea of the film is to establish connections with the original people from those countries but then go into social questions — the problems of colonisation, poverty, inequality, unbalanced societies and injustice, but also the power and strength that remain in cultural terms, at least for those people and communities.”

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