Idan Raichel

North America

The Idan Raichel Project are global ambassadors representing a hopeful world in which artistic collaboration breaks down barriers between people of different backgrounds and beliefs. Idan Raichel, the charismatic architect of this unique project, is independently a global music icon who has brought his inspiring example and soul-stirring music to some of the planet’s biggest stages. Using The Idan Raichel Project as a vehicle, Idan strives to ‘offer a fascinating window into the young, tolerant, multi-ethnic Israel taking shape away from the headlines’ (The Boston Globe). The Project has captivated audiences with their spectacular live shows at some of the world’s most prestigious venues and international festivals. Through an ‘ambient journey that thrillingly bridges the traditional and the modern’ (Times UK), Idan creates a musical experience full of ‘good vibes, equality, cultural diversity, and most importantly ‘” world-class music’ (The Jerusalem Post).