Nishat Khan

North America

With the strike of a single, unmistakable note, the sound of Nishat Khan’s sitar instantly captivates and transforms one’s mood. The essence of Khan’s sound lies in his great sensitivity and profound technical prowess, fluidly bending notes and entire scales to his will, fully transporting listeners to another realm. His commanding performances are a sight and sound unlike any other: entrancing, celestial, timeless. As the current torchbearer of arguably the most recorded musical family in the world, seven generations of wisdom reside in his fingertips. The Telegraph UK called Khan ‘a scion of a great Indian dynasty of musicians, and is determined to keep the flame alive.’ While grounded in centuries of tradition, Khan confidently serves up his own signature style with a refreshing twist: familiar yet challenging, unfolding with emotional contrasts and surprises at every turn.

In addition to his virtuosic sitar solo concerts, Khan’s passion for innovative collaborations has blossomed into new artistic territories. From performing with major philharmonic orchestras, austere Gregorian choirs, and Flamenco troupes, to scoring vintage silent films and Bollywood hits, his alluring presence and limitless improvisational skill have dazzled audiences around the world. Some of Khan’s most recent concerts were performing the finale of the Darbar Festival in London at Sadler’s Wells Theater, and at the Lugano Opera House in Switzerland. In February 2018 he presented the U.S. debut of his Sitar Concerto No. 1, entitled Gate of the Moon, with the Seattle Symphony.