John Scofield

North America, Asia, Australia, South America

John Scofield delves into yet another conceptual territory, bringing his lifelong love of American Country music out of his toolbox to share with his jazz audiences with Country For Old Men. On this new album, Scofield interprets classic country melodies, performing with several of his closest musical associates from the jazz community — Steve Swallow, Bill Stewart and Larry Goldings. In Scofield’s words, “We’re going to turn ‘outlaw’ country tunes into jazz vehicles. Rather than go to Nashville and record with ‘real’ country players in a country style, I’m joining forces with my jazz cronies to play the songs with our jazz approach. We improvise while keeping the integrity, character and twang of this wonderful American music. I’ve always loved Country music and am super excited to put my treatment of them into play.” Scofield and company will sculpt jazz renditions of classic tunes by George Jones, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Bob Wills, Patti Page, and even Shania Twain – just to name a few!